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Acting as God’s Workers
on Earth

Our foundation supports people in need, especially young people who need our help most of all.

Acting as God’s Workers on Earth

We are a foundation seeking to support people in need, including the youth.

Charitable Organization Helping Young People and the Elderly

St. Philip the Apostle Foundation is a long-standing charitable institution. We do many activities based on our values that are aligned with Saint John Bosco’s religious tenets. To support our programs, we accept contributions from anyone willing to help.

What We Do

Supporting Education

Our tuition grants allow youngsters to attend schools run by the Salesians. This helps many, especially those in need.

Subsidizing Character Development of Young People

We provide funding for youth ministries and summer programs. These activities are beneficial to young people as well as their families.

Training Salesian Clergy

We support the training of Salesian priests and religious brothers. This is our way of aiding the future generation who will continue the charism of Don Bosco.

Caring for the Elderly Salesians

Our elderly looked after us in the past. Now, it’s our turn to care for them by sustaining the special needs of senior Salesian priests and brothers.

Our Mission

St. Philip the Apostle Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to provide a means for improving the quality of life of the young in accordance with the religious teachings of Saint John Bosco.

Our Commitment

Our portfolios follow the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for socially responsible investing. We do this so that the way we handle our finances is harmonious with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

How You Can Help

You can also take part in the work we are trying to do. Find out today how to contribute.

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